Dixie’s Pecan Pie Cobbler

Do you remember my cousin, Dixie?  I wrote about her here in my Tween Cousins, Bookmobiles & Endless Summers post.  I also mentioned her in The Help post, here! Dixie’s mom and my mom are sisters.

Dixie and I are the same age and grew up in the same school and the same grade, in a beautiful small town in Georgia.  And we were always the best of friends.

I get all nostalgic when I think about those days because my children did not grow up in the same town or even the same state as their cousins.  And because of that, they are not as close to their cousins as I am to mine.

Sadly, we usually only see each other once a year, in October, when we all converge on that small town and gather at my mom and dad’s rustic cabin for our annual family reunion. They live in town, but we have the reunion at the old home place (I’ve always wanted to say old home place).

We even get a little Friday night lights action by attending our high school football game!  Go Patriots!  And I try my best not to miss that reunion weekend because I know it will be another year before we see each other again.


We always have mom’s famous fried chicken.  She and dad cook the meats and some of the sides.  Other relatives bring a dish or two and Aunt Jean (Dixie’s mom) is in charge of the desserts.  And she makes the best Red Velvet Cake in the world!

And, of course, Dixie helps.  She’s a great cook, too!  It seems to run in the family, except for my other bff cousin, Linda, who lives in midtown Atlanta and swears that she didn’t inherit the cooking gene!  But that’s another story for another day!

Dixie's Pecan Pie Cobbler


Back to the dessert buffet – It’s always fabulous and laden with every dessert you could ever imagine!  I’ve been tempted to just bypass the “real food” and head straight for that dessert table.

This past October, I tasted a dessert I had never had – Dixie’s Pecan Pie Cobbler!  I named it that because Dixie made it.  And it was to die for.  It was like a pecan pie on steroids!  I mean, could pecan pie possibly taste any better?  Why, yes it could!  And it did!

First of all, it’s a big cobbler that feeds at least 12!  Secondly, I’m getting all preachy here, there is a bottom and top crust!  And then there is more filling on top of the top crust!  As you probably know, a traditional pecan pie has only a bottom crust.  I have a love affair with crust!

Dixie's Pecan Pie Cobbler

After returning home from last year’s reunion and before Dixie had a chance to respond to my request for that recipe, I found it online and decided to share it with you.  You can thank (or curse me) after you finish the last morsel.  It’s that good! She did get back to me very quickly.  It’s just that I’m impatient when it comes to a fabulous dessert.


The crust is tender and flaky and there is ooey gooey pecan filled custard between both layers of crust.  It’s like a taste of heaven on earth!


Dixie’s Pecan Pie Cobbler was not only a big hit at the reunion, it was a huge hit as part of my Easter menu.  I thought there would be leftovers to send home with the kids, but there was not a speck left of that dessert.  Score!

OK – you talked me into it!  Here’s the link to the recipe!  Do try it and tell me what you think!


What’s your favorite family reunion food?

PS – Dixie just became a grandmother for the first time this past week!  Congrats to all!

Dixie's Pecan Cobbler

Dixie’s Feet
(Go Dawgs)

3 Biggest Mistakes When Hanging Pictures

In my opinion, pictures and art work complete a room.  Wall decor reminds me of jewelry. You can read my jewelry tips here!

When you put on that gorgeous outfit, but it needs a little something to take your look to the next level and you add a little bling to get the look you’re after, well, that is exactly what pictures do for a room.  Art work finishes a room’s decor.


However, (you knew that was coming, didn’t you?) just like in wearing jewelry, there is an art to hanging pictures.  Once you know the basics, you’re good to go.

I have a strange habit (probably more than one) of redecorating people’s homes . . . in my mind.  It’s true.  I was once at a funeral in the cutest little chapel and before the funeral began, I had taken some obvious misses away from the decor and added some other elements to turn it into the most charming chapel.  It just needed a few tweaks.  Of course, it was all done in my mind!

I remember visiting in a beautiful home once, but the furniture placement in the great room was all wrong.  By the time I left, I had repositioned all of the furnishings . . . in my mind.

Here’s what I think are the 3 biggest mistakes when hanging pictures.

3 Biggest Mistakes when Hanging Pictures

1.  Placing the art work too high on the wall

This is the most common mistake people make.  And it just makes the entire room look unbalanced.  Pictures should (ideally) be at eye level.  Who’s eye level?  My rule is about 60″ – 65″ from the floor to the center of the art.  Don’t make people look up to see your art work.

I always hold pictures up against the wall (or get someone else to) while I step back to make sure it fits.  I use a level to ensure that my pictures hang straight.  Crooked pictures are a pet peeve of mine.

2.  Placing a small painting on a large wall

If you have a large wall space and only have small pictures, hang a grouping of art work. I always lay the grouping out on the floor and move them around until I find what works. Don’t be afraid to mix things up. I usually make sure the grouping has one thing in common, like using the same color frames – all white or all black.  And then throw in an element of surprise.  Just be sure and treat a grouping as one piece of art.

3.  Not thinking outside the box.

Wall decor can be so much more than just paintings or pictures.  Don’t be afraid to mix things up!  And trust your eyes!  If it doesn’t look right, readjust and try again.

Never be afraid to change things up seasonally or from room to room.  That picture you thought would look great over your sofa and didn’t, may look awesome hanging above your bed.

Bonus Tip:  Pictures, artwork and wall decor need not be expensive.  Pay a visit to your local Homegoods, Ross, Target and  second hand stores.  And never leave without checking out the clearance aisle.

What’s your very favorite wall decor in your home?

KitchenAid Mixer Giveaway

KitchenAid Mixer Giveaway!

My KitchenAid Mixer is, by far, my favorite tool in the kitchen.  I’ve had my basic white one for years – way before they came out with all the cool colors!  And that’s why I’m so excited about this giveaway!

 So, without further ado and just in time for Mother’s Day . . .

We’re giving away a bright and shiny KitchenAid mixer. Your mom deserves one, right?

Or maybe you deserve one.

One lucky winner will receive a 5-quart KitchenAid stand mixer in the color “Ice”. Enter below using the Rafflecopter widget.  You have until May 4th to enter!

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